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Event Dates: May 17th, 18th, and 19th

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  • ​Live "Fly-on-the-Wall" Virtual Mastermind Access on February 28th & 29th: We're Having an Intimate Real Estate "Closed-Door" Mastermind Meeting on the Big Island of Hawaii and You're Welcome to Join Us VIRTUALLY for These Two Dates to Find Out What We Talk About in These SECRET Closed-Door Meetings! ($4,997 Value)
  • ​5 Money and Partnership Resources: This is ONLY For Those Who Show Up IN-PERSON...You'll Be Getting 5 Rare Little-Known Never-Before-Revealed Money and Partnership Resources to Use to Help You Build Your Multi-Million-Dollar Real Estate Investing Empire ($9,997 Value)

Here's What You Can Expect to Discover in This RARE 3-Day Power-Packed Event:

Day 1 (Friday, May 17th): Find out about a unique real estate strategy that you've likely never heard about before. The business of real estate isn't just about "investing" in property or buying and selling. There are other unique opportunities that are highly secretive that you will learn when you get to the event!

Day 2: (Saturday, May 18th): On this event day, you'll learn something called "Passive Income Strategies" that you can use to emulate how we've been able to build long-term wealth by understanding how to to secure these kinds of properties, even starting with minimal resources.

Day 3: (Sunday, May 19th): This is the workshop portion of the event where you'll discover how to connect with investors who can help fund your property deals. You'll learn exactly how to find these investors and how to approach them with your deals for funding. This is only a HALF DAY for Gold VIP. Platinum VIP will be able to take advantage of the "Caravan Tour" to find actual deals up for sale that offer cash flows for "Local Section 8."

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It's not just ANY kind of real estate investing that makes money in today's day and age.  The economy has shifted A LOT in the past few years.  You can NO LONGER buy a traditional rental property (house or small apartment building) and expect to rent it out for any kind of meaningful profits.  It's just not financially doable anymore.  I've been a real estate investor since 1995 and I've seen every kind of investing "secret" and "strategy" out there.  When I stumbled on this latest secret strategy, I was shocked at how profitable it is.  Not only that, you can still buy properties for TOP DOLLAR (using my secret financial resources or my "subto" strategy) but you can profit 10X more on each deal than you'd ever DREAM of profiting with traditional rental properties.
KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Andrew Lamb started investing in this rare little-known kind of real estate called "Local Section 8" just a short time ago.  He's now exceeded a dozen houses, has become a millionaire, and earns tens of thousands of dollars in NET profits per month like clockwork.  For the first, only, and LAST time, he'll be speaking LIVE at our Detroit event on May 17th and 18th...revealing all of his tricks, secrets, and strategies that you can use to start building your own multi-million-dollar Sober Living Home empire just like he did.  For those who attend in person, you'll have the opportunity to work with Andrew directly.  But this is ONLY for those who show up in person.

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